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Connect, engage and communicate with your users from anywhere

Our intranet provides companies with a secure and private environment where team members can connect, collaborate, and share information anytime, anywhere. Increase your company's productivity and team retention through good communication. Starting now!

Corporate intranet with social functions for efficient exchange of teams and employees.

One app; infinite possibilities

Confluence Intranet, Knowledge Base or Collaboration Hub?

Collaboration Hub

For small and medium-sized businesses that want to increase productivity and employee communication.

Knowledge base

For small and medium-sized enterprises and businesses that want to store all important information in one central location.

Corporate intranet

For companies that want to optimize communication, increase engagement, and foster collaboration.

The Digital Workplace for Your Team

Our intranet provides businesses with a secure and private environment where team members can connect, collaborate, and share information anytime, anywhere. Improve your company's productivity today.

Keep your team engaged and connected

Reduce communication barriers, increase team member productivity, and improve overall workplace collaboration.

Access your intranet from anywhere and with any device

Use the cloud for 99.95 % availability. Access the intranet from anywhere with the XALT Mobile App.

Save time searching for resources

Let your team focus on their work and not on searching for resources. With the help of the integrated and AI-powered search engine, there's no more searching.

One central point to log in to all tools and apps

A central Digital Workplace! All tools are integrated directly into your intranet without the need for your team members to log in separately.

Protect confidential data from unauthorized access

Prevent unauthorized access to your tools, services and data with our integrated identity and access management solution.

Stay connected to your team and the work you do

Create the structure you need to organize your content and communication within your intranet according to your requirements.

An intranet as unique as your company: Show your identity!

An internal communication platform with complete branding is more than just adding a logo. Everything about your brand reflects your identity - from the colors to the fonts to the icons.

Design your Confluence intranet to show who you are and give your team members and partnerships a shared sense of belonging. Show your corporate identity, design, and culture that you're proud of.

Available integrations

Our intranet product is not just a standalone solution, but a dynamic and digital workplace. It brings together all the tools and platforms your business depends on. Understanding the diverse ecosystem of modern workplaces, we've designed it to integrate seamlessly with leading platforms like Slack for communication, Google Drive for document storage, Jira for project management, Zoom for video conferencing, and Microsoft Teams for team collaboration.

Jira integration

Jira software

Add Jira Issues directly to your content pages on the intranet.

Office365 c


Add files, edit content, add calendars, and more.

Google Drive integration

Google Drive

Add files from your Google Drive and share them with your team members.

Zoom integration


You will receive notifications about events and meetings.

Slack integration


Share information and collaborate in real time in Slack.

integration of your internal developer platform for IT teams


Integrate your internal development platform for your IT teams.

Technologies used

When building your intranet, we use advanced technologies such as Confluence, Linchpin, Refined, Mantra, Staffbase and Haiilo. This combination of technologies promotes collaboration and increases efficiency in the company.

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Mantra Confluence Cloud Intranet
Refined Corporate Intranet
Staffbase Intranet
Hailo Corporate Intranet and Digital Workplace
XALT Intranet Inkometa Award for Best Social Intranet

Winner: Inkometa Award for the best corporate and social intranet

BSH Hausgeräte has won the Inkometa Award 2022 for the best intranet in the category Social Intranet / Collaboration Intranet. The Inkometa Award is one of the most important prizes for internal communication in Germany and is awarded by SCM - School for Communication and Management.

These companies already rely on our corporate intranet solution

With years of expertise in the intranet field, we have helped numerous companies optimize their corporate intranet. Our solution has proven to be a reliable support for well-known companies. Our customer list reflects the power of our solution. Become part of our community.

Fath Intranet
Fictive Knowledge Base
German National Library
BSH Corporate Intranet and Digital Workpalce
EEX Refined Intranet
DAV Knowledge Base
Testimonial Peter Giglinger BSH

The XALT intranet solution has helped us reduce the internal silo effect, improve internal communication and increase brand awareness. By providing a single point of contact for news and updates, we have been able to improve communication and collaboration within our team. This has helped us to work more efficiently and effectively towards our goals.

Peter Giglinger

IT Business Consultant, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

Enable effortless collaboration across your enterprise with a corporate intranet and digital workplace

If you're looking for a better way to communicate and collaborate with your team members, the social intranet is the perfect solution. Contact us today to learn more about how we can customize the intranet to meet your specific business needs.

Your Digital Workplace Professional

Together we shape the future of work

We support you in setting up a digital platform for your internal communication that meets the requirements of a modern working environment. Through tools such as messaging, discussion forums, comment functions or joint document editing, we make it easy for your employees to collaborate. Let's create the workplace of tomorrow together.

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