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Organize your content so it's easy to access, manage, and use

Sharing information efficiently is critical to the success of any business. Don't just use chat, email, or simple storage in a wiki anymore. Benefit from a powerful search engine, a rich text editor with real-time editing, flexible permissions, page and file versioning, templates for your projects, optimized information, and much more. Confluence is the place where teams collaborate.

Tackle complex problems with a simple knowledge base

Strengthen your team's collaboration through the strategic use of a Confluence knowledge base. This centralized platform of shared insights ensures everyone is armed with the right information. Eliminate communication gaps and foster a harmonious, more productive team environment.

Effortlessly turn your ideas into valuable content

With ready-to-use templates eEasily create and publish collaborative knowledge base content. Simplify updates with a built-in content library and automatic versioning.

Waste less time on content search

Structure your knowledge base in an intuitive hierarchy to ensure your team finds what they're looking for. Use an advanced search system with predictable results for quick answers.

Improve communication with customers and team members

Dynamically engage both internal and external users with RSS updates, active page monitoring, and regular blog posts. Encourage interactions through on-page comments.

Confluence: Unification of your knowledge in a central knowledge source

Discover Confluence, the knowledge base for modern businesses. Seamlessly anchoring information in one accessible space redefines the knowledge experience. With the customized platform, teams are now able to focus on what matters and get started right away.

Save information about any project, product or topic

Available integrations

Our intranet product is not just a standalone solution, but a dynamic and digital workplace. It brings together all the tools and platforms your business depends on. Understanding the diverse ecosystem of modern workplaces, we've designed it to integrate seamlessly with leading platforms like Slack for communication, Google Drive for document storage, Jira for project management, Zoom for video conferencing, and Microsoft Teams for team collaboration.

Jira integration

Jira software

Add Jira Issues directly to your content pages on the intranet.

Office365 c


Add files, edit content, add calendars, and more.

Google Drive integration

Google Drive

Add files from your Google Drive and share them with your team members.

Zoom integration


You will receive notifications about events and meetings.

Slack integration


Share information and collaborate in real time in Slack.

integration of your internal developer platform for IT teams


Integrate your internal development platform for your IT teams.

These companies already rely on our corporate intranet solution

With years of expertise in the intranet field, we have helped numerous companies optimize their corporate intranet. Our solution has proven to be a reliable support for well-known companies. Our customer list reflects the power of our solution. Become part of our community.

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DAV Knowledge Base

Enable effortless collaboration with a Confluence knowledgebase

Enable your teams to communicate and collaborate effortlessly with a Confluence Knowledge Base. Contact us today to learn more about how we can customize Confluence to meet your specific business needs. 

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Together we shape the future of work

We support you in building a digital platform for your internal communication that meets the requirements of a modern work environment. Through tools such as messaging, discussion forums, comment functions or joint document editing, we make it easy for your team members to collaborate. Let's create the workplace of tomorrow together.

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